Bun Lek Solutions
Your solution to a brighter future

This is not a real company

BUN LEK  means Boney Leg when translated from Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinean Pidgin). This was a nickname given to Joe Istria, founder and CEO of Bun Lek Solutions while working on Palm Island in Tropical North Queensland.

Established in 1990, Bun Lek Solutions initially started as an adventure company with a difference. Today we have grown into a company that provides a complete portfolio of service solutions tailored to your unique business or individual needs both today and in the future. Our collaboration with you helps us to create effective, engaging solutions for any situation; we help individuals and organisations unlock the power to achieve exceptional performance by focussing within and most of all by having fun. We work with you to develop and embed sustainable behavioural and performance improvement. We are a leader in bringing out the best in people and aim to develop the most positive elements of the human character, consistent with our core values: Integrity, Responsibility, Resilience, Compassion, Service and Human Potential. 

                            Put simply - We ARE your solution to a brighter future!!

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