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Join the experienced crew of Bun Lek for an action packed days fishing around the beautiful waters of Palm Island and the surrounding reefs. With over 20 years experience of fishing these tropical waters our crew can give you the best tips to maximise your chances of hook ups. Try your luck trailing for Spanish Mackerel or bottom bashing for Nannygai. All tackle, bait and rods are provided - all you need to bring is the muscle to bring them aboard.

If spearfishing is more your style then spear with the best. Our experienced team have dived every inch of the Palm Island group and use this local knowledge to put you onto the right spot to catch your targeted prey. Dive our phenomenal reefs for coral trout, red emperor, crayfish and the pelagics like mackerel and trevally. Learn traditional Indigenous styles of diving or improve your diving with our expert coaching tips.

All our packages can be fully tailored to suit your needs taking into account your experience, desired species, locations, trip duration and dates.

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